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Company Size:

11 – 50 employees


CellSens delivers intelligent software solutions and services to Mobile Network Operators for Network Optimization and
Performance Management. CellSens can be deployeFounded 2010 in Den Haag, Netherlands, CellSens is an agile, flexible, and fast-growing B2B Service Provider in Mobile Network Technology.


CellSens required a desktop application that would optimize the network performance for their clients. The application had to produce a brief message and indicate specifically what went wrong in the system and monitor if things are working as per the set levels. This feature is supposed to help their clients in understanding the most important tasks that need the focus of telecom engineers and they can set priorities accordingly, saving and allocating limited resources.

Client’s Needs:

  • Display data into charts that depicts cellular network performance.
  • Query MapInfo data, display on maps, network layers and cells.
  • Handle and manage large data and maintain application performance to avoid high memory usage and storage.
  • Convert the application from version-1 to version-2 as the later version loads data.
  • Allow period selection filters for time/object-based charts: a)Predefined period selection
    b) Selection of dates from calendar to include/exclude the period
    c) Selection of hours (0 hrs – 23 hrs) for a preselected period
  • Create object based charts with Delta filtration:
    a) For daily resolution charts, to set a period of 7 days which should not overlap
    b) For hourly resolution charts, to set a period of 24 hrs which should not overlap
  • Generate network data of a selected date which loads network layers data on map.
  • Save workspace in version-2 and open at start-up from the last use.

Founded in 2010

CellSens clients are typically mobile network operators in various countries and continents, such as The Netherlands, Finland,
Surinam, Gibraltar, Angola. Even network equipment vendors such as Nokia and Huawei like to use CellSens software for its ease of

Our Solution:

To help CellSens provide better problem-solving capabilities to its client, we developed an application with the following features –

  • Dual screen application for easy navigation.
  • Periodic results for better understanding.
  • Improvement recommendations to prioritize tasks.
  • Impact follows up.
  • On-the-fly KPI calculation.
  • On-the-fly aggregations/comparing/drilling.
  • Advanced worst cell list with filtering, sorting, mapping,before/after analysis.
  • Shows terrain profile data.
  • Supports MapInfo spatial queries.
  • Supports loading of all legacy MapInfo tab files.
  • Transforms Raw CDR input into aggregated tables in various dimensions e.g. BRAND, VENDOR, IMSI, CELL, REGION, COUNTRIES and custom tables as required.
  • Analyzes customer activity in reference to time domain on 100sof KPIs derived from CDR data.

Technologies we used:

  • Windows desktop application developed in framework 4.5.x
  • Visual Studio 2013/2019 (for diagnostics of the application)
  • SQL Server
  • DevExpress WinForms controls (20.x)
  • MapExtreme control (7.0)
  • Lidor and custom controls

Creating simplicity out of complexity.

CellSens can be deployed very quickly on multi-vendor, multi- technology networks and provides full view across the network elements using an easy GUI.

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